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Enriching the “Rabindranath Tagore Central Library” as a premier learning resource center that offers comprehensive sources for knowledge acquisition.

  1. To provide all the necessary resources to satisfy the diverse needs of the students and the faculty members.
  2. To constantly update the subscriptions and enhance the quality of collections to be on par with the changing technological and management related areas.
  3. To aid students in acquisition and dissemination of knowledge through student friendly technology platforms.





  1. To support diverse needs of the students and the faculty members.
  2. To make library as quality knowledge resource centre.
  3. To support the learning process of all the users through provision of knowledge / Information through conventional / non conventional media.
  4. To meet information needs of the students, faculty and teaching community to support their developmental /programming activities.
  5. To respond effectively where ever possible, to the knowledge/ information needs of the research and development.
  6. Facilitates faculty members to advance their profession through innovative practice, publication in scholarly journals, participation in academic conferences, and leadership in professional organizations.
  7. Incorporate new technologies and services to help students, faculty and staff discover, create and disseminate knowledge.

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