Roles & Responsibilities of Committee Members

Role & Responsibilities of the Coordinator

  1. Along with the Principal and Librarian finalizing the committee members.
  2. Coordinate with student and faculty for conduction of Committee Meeting.
  3. Helping the librarian in finalizing the annual budget.
  4. Making of Library Policies depending on the suggestions from library committee.
  5. To perform any other related duty assigned by Director/ Principal of the institution.

Role & Responsibilities of the Librarian:

  1. Responsible for developing, cataloguing and classifying library resources.
  2. Responsible for Managing Annual budget.
  3. To ensure the purchase and maintenance all available resources.
  4. Management of Library Staff.
  5. Developing e-resources/IT Facilities in the Library.
  6. Promoting the Library resources to users.
  7. Answering user’s queries.
  8. Implementation of Policies resolved in the committee meetings.

Role & Responsibilities of the Faculty Members

  1. Report all the related activities to the coordinator of the committee.
  2. Motivating students for effective utilization of Library resources.
  3. Identify the students who have leadership quality and propose their name to the coordinator as student representative.
  4. Communicate with respective Head of the Department regarding the activities of the cell.
  5. Coordinate with students and faculty for suggestions and improvement of Library facilities.

Role & Responsibilities of the Student Members

  1. To collect the requirements of the student and informing the concerned faculty.
  2. To follow up and implement the instructions given by Co-ordinator and Faculty members of the committee.