Society Info

The SKPVV – Sri Kanyaka Parameswari Vissamsetty Venkataratnam (SKPVV) Hindu High Schools Committee
with a passion to disseminate the education and values in the society by imparting education to the people in all levels of the society. The society was formed by a group of philanthropists from business community of Vijayawada, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh in the year 1906. They contributed their might and collected donations from the like minded people and started primary school to provide education to the poor students of local area and surrounding villages, where there were no schools at that time. The society was registered with the Register of Krishna District in 27th November 1915.

Later the members expanded the horizons dynamically to a multifaceted one such as adding up few more schools and colleges besides expanding memberships. The organization gave utmost prominence to professionalism outlook to its administration. The committee members regularly met and reviewed the socio-economic conditions of the town and surrounding villages and always challenged to set up educational institutions to uplift the poor and needy.

Mission of the Society

  • To establish schools and colleges in and around Vijayawada for providing Education to those who are desirous of being literate.
  • To run those educational institutions with high standards and without the discrimination of caste, creed and religion.
  • To extend it’s helping hand to the society by providing various facets of education.
  • To impart higher education to all segments of the society.
  • To have special emphasis to the students of socially and economically backward section of the society.
  • To impart value based education.
  • To study and implement various ways and means of encourage almost all facets of Education by setting up of various institutions.
  • To establish and maintain various Educational Institutions.
  • To provide the general education but also technical and job oriented programs by taking up necessary steps.
  • To increase literacy level among the women by providing educational facility leading to women empowerment.
  • To develop social concern and civil responsibilities among the upcoming and talented youth.
  • To undertake the construction of building and other facilities and manage the institutions to the best of society’s capability.
  • To establish libraries with useful books and periodicals for students, teachers and for the public.
  • To create suitable facilities to the poor and meritorious students of the society by way of instituting scholarships, mid day meal schemes etc.

The Institutions started and being run by the Society

  • Chitturi Public School-2019.
  • Potti Sriramulu Chalavadi Mallikharjuna Rao College of Engineering and Technology, Kothapet – 2008.
  • Sri Raja Surapaneni Venkata Papaiah Rao College of Education, Gandhinagar – 2006.
  • Kakarparthi Bhavanarayana Post Graduate Centre, Kothapet – 2003(MCA).
  • Kakarparthi Bhavanarayana Post Graduate College, Kothapet – 2001(MBA).
  • Sri Kanyaka Parameswari Vissamsetty Venkataratnam Hindu Mahila Junior College, Kothapet – 1994.
  • Maddi Subba Rao English Medium High School, Kothapet – 1991.
  • Sri Sriram Bhimasankara Rao Kanakaratnamma Girls School, Gandhinagar – 1972.
  • Kakarparthi Bhavanarayana College, Kothapet – 1965.
  • Sri Kanyaka Parameswari Vissamsetty Venkataratnam Hindu High School, Gandhinagar – 1917.
  • Sri Kanyaka Parameswari Vissamsetty Venkataratnam Hindu High School, Kothapet – 1906.