Library Collection

Library Functions


1. By procuring comprehensive range of documents including books, manuscripts, journals, magazines, newspaper etc. on various subjects.

2. Organizing huge collection of documents it keeps them in different sections on the basics of their categorization like text book section, reference section, journal section, thesis section.

3. The library interacts with different information networks to give easy access to e- sources/ data to more users so that they could access the desired information even from their workplace.

4. It also provides entertainment and healthy leisure to user by providing different newspapers, magazines, short story books, internet facility etc.

5. It provides reference service through reference section to establish a contact between the right reader and the right document in a personal way to attract more users.

6. Providing of photocopy, printing facilities.

7. Providing design codes and manuals for exams/reference.

8. To maintain and operate an infrastructure that allows, among other things, suitable study, documentation, storage, preservation and research conditions.