Internal Compliance Committee (ICC)/Women Grievances Cell(WGC)



  1. To conduct meetings with the faculty members and student members to discuss various events to be organized before the commencement of new academic year

  2. To identify potential education and professional development activities and inform and educate the same to girl students and female faculty

  3. To maintain the minutes of the meetings and submit the copy of the same to the Principal

  4. To encourage the members to conduct programs on Women Empowerment

  5. To ensure that no act or incident related to sexual abuse or sexual harassment on the campus reported is ignored

  6. Faculty Member:

  7. To monitor and counsel girl students of their department, in the case of requirement.

  8. To bring awareness among girl students about government support services and college support services.

  9. To conduct competitions such as presentations, elocution, essay writing and painting to encourage girls to express their ideas.

  10. To ensure that the students feel free to discuss issues of abuse or harassment

  11. To go to the roots of the harassments faced by students and sort out the matter harmoniously.

  12. Student Member:

  13. To spread the objectives of ICC among the girl students.

  14. To participate actively in the events and competitions organized by the cell and encourage other girl students to participate.

  15. To interact regularly with the girl students of the class.

  16. To bring to the notice of the faculty representative of their respective department, if any gender specific issue arises among the girl students