Internal Compliance Committee (ICC)/Women Grievances Cell(WGC)

Grievance & Redressal Mechanism

Procedure for receiving Complaints/Grievances: Initially a general orientation/awareness programme is conducted to make students aware of the process and mechanism of Complaints/Grievances. The following are the various channels to receive Complaints/Grievances:

  1. Suggestion boxes placed on the first floor are opened once in a fortnight in the presence of at least any two members of the committee (mostly one will be the Convener).
  2. Can approach the committee members
  3. Can approach the HoD/ the Principal.
  4. An Online Grievance Form is available on the Website
Redressal Mechanism:
  • After knowing the grievance, the convener discusses it with the respective ICC Coordinators and H.o.D and then an appropriate solution is found out. If not solved at this level, the grievance is taken up to the Principal.
  • If not solved even at this level, the committee shall take appropriate decision after discussing the issue thoroughly.