Dept of T & P

Responsibilities of Placement Officer

  1. Liaisons with industry
  2. Identifies and provides for training needs of students
  3. Arranges campus interviews
  4. Works with faculty members/department Heads and administration to integrate career planning and academic curriculum as well as coordinate Project Work/ Summer Training/internship programs.
  5. Prepares an audio-video presentation or a colorful hand-out on the college to be presented to potential employers.
  6. Compiles and maintains a data bank on student profiles and resumes along with their photographs.
  7. Prepares a placement brochure having all the student profiles.
  8. Undertakes a rigorous placement campaign.
  9. Assists employers achieve their hiring goals.
  10. Provides resources and activities to facilitate the career planning process.
  11. Up gradation of the students’ skill sets commensurate with the expectations of the industry.
  12. Generation of awareness in the students regarding future career options available to them.
  13. Assists different companies in recruiting candidates as per their requirements.
  14. Assists students in obtaining final placement in reputed companies.
  15. Keeps track of all the advertisements related to placements appropriate to the profiles of aspirants.
  16. To arrange for interview facilities at the campus and written test halls.
  17. To co-ordinate with placement coordinators for smooth functioning.
  18. To collect the appointment letters or correspond to get them as soon as the interview is over.
  19. To distribute appointment letters and collect acceptance letters from the students and dispatch to employees.
  20. To identify Assistant placement officer to take over the responsibilities during the absence of placement officer.
  21. Provides right placement to the right candidate so that students excel in their future life.
  22. Organizes placement training for the students and make them ready for interview and group discussion
  23. Promote all placements activities to various prospective employers and students through phone and email.
  24. Prepare placement reports and submit to Principal.
  25. Provides information on the schedule of recruitment drives well in advance to all departments’ placements coordinator, HoDs, Principal and students.
  26. Places request for resources required well in advance and coordinates with the concerned and ensures availability of the same
  27. Details of placed candidates in the companies is sent to all HoDs, departments’ placement coordinators, Students Affairs, immediately after the recruitment drive is completed and placements announced.
  28. Sends hard copies of all appointment orders of students recruited to the concerned HoDs.

Responsibilities of Coordinators

  1. Keeps close contact with TP&CG on daily basis for information and circulate the same to concerned students, HoD and others related in the matter
  2. Highlights the absentees’ names along with Roll numbers and provide the same to the TP&CG and HoD.
  3. Analyzes students’ performance in each of the tests conducted as part of Campus Placements Training from time-to-time and share the same with students, HoD, and TP&CG. Keep a record of the same.
  4. Provides information with regard to the students going abroad for higher education to the Placements Cell from time-to-time so that TP&CG can update its database that can be shared later with the junior students whenever a need arises.
  5. Interacts with students of parent department with regard to any issues and bring the same to the notice of the TP&CG in written form.
  6. Provides suggestions in improving the functioning of the TP&CG may also be given in written form to the TP&CG.
  7. Attends all meetings called by TP&CG and conveys the outcomes of such meetings to the concerned students, and HoD.
  8. Facilitates printing the material provided for students (testing material, reading material, etc.) by TP&CG.
  9. Facilitates TP&CG in procuring any material that may be of some value addition to the students as suggested by TP&CG.

Responsibilities of Faculty Members:

  1. Develop methodology to educate students about the topic (problem solving, small group discussions, etc.) and then implementing the same in the classroom
  2. Utilizes classroom assessment techniques
  3. Develops test questions in consultation with the placement coordinator
  4. Be available for student consultation on a regular basis, informing students of their availability and makes sincere attempt to solve their difficulties (academic and personal counseling)
  5. Informs Course Coordinator within a reasonable time about students' progress and how
  6. effectively students are learning;
  7. Provides information about job opportunities in their respective field to students.
  8. Guide students on career opportunities.
  9. Assists the student at regular intervals to make adequate self-evaluation
  10. Explains importance of Self-Motivation to do well in career and subsequently in life.
  11. Counsels students whose progress is unsatisfactory and reports the same to Placement Coordinator
  12. Monitors the interim and final performance of students assigned and liaise with parents, whenever required
  13. Helps the student explore the career fields in the student's branch of engineering and providesinformation about Higher education and job opportunities
  14. Attempts should be made to determine the reason for the student's problem, counsel, andprovide guidance to the student to correct the problem and recommend a remedial program, if necessary.

Responsibilities of Students Members:

  1. To show commitment to the company offering the placement.
  2. To proactively identify own learning needs and opportunities, and make full use of all available learning opportunities.
  3. To act in accordance with all company policy and procedures.
  4. To undertake direct work under the instruction and supervision of the Placement officer / coordinator. 
  5. To develop the capability to work with increasingly complex situations commensurate with the level of the placement.
  6. To develop autonomy in making professional judgments and decisions commensurate with the level of the placement.
  7. To prepare for, attend and participate in all training sessions.
  8. To develop as a reflective practitioner using verbal and written feedback to improve or adapt practice.
  9. To discuss with the Placement officer any concerns that they have about the placement prior to raising any concerns more formally
  10. To complete and submit all placement paperwork and assessment requirements by due or agreed dates
  11. Follow the college protocol for signing in and out and wearing the required identifier (Student Id card/badge)
  12. Maintain a positive professional disposition at all times (Dress professionally)
  13. Turn off cell phones and place them out of sight during the placement drives.
  14. Try to avoid distracting behavior while in the drive, such as talking to peers during placement drive
  15. Keep an open mind and be flexible.
  16. Attempt to look at the context of the learning from multiple perspectives