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Computer Science and Engineering [CSE]

eLSI(e-Yantra Setup Initiative) Lab

About eLSI(e-Yantra Setup Initiative) Lab:

e-Yantra Robotics Lab trains the students in Embedded Systems and Micro Controller Programming by engaging them through the Project Based Learning (PBL) mode.

This lab benefits the students in awareness of Embedded systems, Robotic technology and Mechatronics. It provides platform to DESIGN, DEVELOP, PROGRAMMING and TEST of robots to various applications and also can solve the problems of real time. They can also make as a platform to develop the projects and exhibiting in various National and International robotics competitions.

This is an initiation by IIT-Bombay Sponsored by MHRD under the National Mission on Education through ICT program.

The Lab is Inaugurated on 29th July 2016 by Dr.K.Nageswara Rao(Principal), Dr.A.Pathanjali Sastri (CSE HOD) , Dr.J.Lakshmi Narayana(ECE HOD), college eYANTRA team ( Mr.S.Pradeep Kumar, Mr.VSRK Prasad.G, Mrs.K.Sireesha, Mr.B.Sarath Chandra) and collaboration with team eLSI of IIT-Bombay.

Inauguration of eLSI Lab by the Dr.K.Nageswara Rao(Principal), Dr.A.Pathanjali Sastri(CSE HOD), Dr.J.Lakshmi Narayana(ECE HOD) and Dr.Y. Rajendra Babu(EEE HOD).

Faculty Mr.VSRK Prasad.G, Mr.S.Pradeep Kumar, Mr.B.Sarath Chandra and Mrs. K.Sireesha attended a workshop at SCSSVME University Kanchipuram for Robotics Workshop organized by eLSI Team , IIT-Bombay.

Students received a "Nano Drone and Spark V robot" for the eYRC-2017(e-Yantra Robotic Competition) for the project “CHASER DRONE” from eYANTRA Team IIT-Bombay.

Team of APITA (Andhra Pradesh Information Technology Academy) visited ELSI Lab and Students demonstrates the working models developed in ELSI Lab

Rajesh Kumar Verma, Sr.Technology Architect(Cloud)-Infosys visited and viewing the working models developed in eLSI Lab.

Ms. P.Bhavani and Ms. A.Someswari presented the working model of "Automatic Traffic Signal System Based on Density using Proximity Sensors" for the state level APITA competition at Acharya Nagarjuna University-Guntur developed in eLSI Lab.

Ms.G.Meghana, Ms.A.Chandrika, Ms.Ch.Teja Sree exhibiting working model of "4x4x4 Led Cube" developed in eLSI Lab.

Mr. Prem Kumar exhibited the project "Pick and Place Robot" developed in eLSI Lab.

Mr.Prem Kumar,Md.Sameena Begum and D.Nishitha showcase the working model of “Obstacle Avoiding robot” developed in eLSI Lab in robotics competitions.

Students participated in Gora Science Centre for a Gora State level Competition 2018 ,Vijayawada for exhibiting their working models developed in eLSI Lab.

A.Krishna Keerthi, Ms.A.Manasa Vennala, Ms.M.Harika and Ms.G.Sasi Durga won 2nd prize in Gora Science State level Competition 2018 at Gora Science Atheist Research Centre of the working model “Obstacle and Depth Avoiding Robot” developed in eLSI Lab.