Computer Science and Engineering [CSE]


  • Industrial Research & Consultancy
  • Industrial testing (Proofing & Calibration)
  • Sponsored industrial research
  • Use of industrial labs by College
  • Research guidance from industry
  • Creation of collaborative labs / testing centre at the college
  • Joint research publication
  • Joint patents
  • Short-Term Training Programmes (STTPs)
  • Industry-Institute Exchange
  • Visiting faculty from industry
  • Provide the mentorship and guidance to help students enroute to turning startups
  • Start-up Innovation and Incubation
In keeping with the above thrust areas, following action plan has been prepared by the Institute to fulfill the aims of Industry Institute Interaction into achievements:
  • Establishing and continuing the relationship between faculty in the Institute, representatives from the Industries and representatives from organizations involved in the promotion of industrial development in the region through organizing regular group meetings for mutual benefits to both the systems i.e. industry and institute.
  • Maintaining a list of experts/resource persons from various industries and working out a system of inviting them to address the faculty and students.
  • Maintaining a comprehensive directory of technology experts in different fields of expertise and know-how and collaborating with them through various means of involvement like talks, guest lectures, research collaboration, students project guidance, seminars etc.