Students Feedback on Academic Performance and Institution Ambience

Total No. of Respondents:835
S.NoParametersExcellentVery Good GoodAverageBelow Average
N% N% N% N% N%
1How do you rate the syllabus of each course related to recent trends and developments?15218120141331623361
2How do you rate the learning environment for your academic growth?11414147181471819271
3Rate the activities offered by the institution to improve Experiential and Participative learning13416101121431747691
4Rate your Practical exposure to ICT aids10112142171391745571
5How do you rate the training provided for competitive exams?127151191413216395172
6Rate the Grievance Redressal System109131271514718415101
7Rate the career development services offered by the college132161231512815415101
8Rate the information about the internal assessment12014135161481825361
9Rate the importance of Sports, co-curricular and extracurricular activities provided by the college124151021212515496344
10Rate the maintenance of classrooms and laboratories13316126151371632461
11Rate the provision of E-Learning facilities and quantity of books11614130161451734491
12Rate the Mentorship and Counselling offered13716124151341631481
13Rate the availability of computers for academic growth160191051312415324132
14Rate the quality of food and cleanliness in the canteen88118610981257710513
15Rate the overall aura of the college118141161413817405223