Teacher Feedback on Academic Performance and Institution Ambience

Total No. of Respondents:103
S.NoParametersExcellentVery Good GoodAverageBelow Average
N% N% N% N% N%
1Rate the relevance of course content to your academic growth82801414660000
2Rate the elective subjects related to recent trends and developments85831313331100
3How do you rate the improvement of experiential learning through industrial visits for students?83811515222200
4Rate the tendency to innovative thoughts to research82801313552200
5Rate the interaction of teacher and students to implement ICT tools84821111661100
6Rate the development to implement new methods and programs81791515660000
7Rate the flexibility of financial assistance in the organization83811111662200
8Rate the objectives set by the Add on programs for developing self-motivational skills79771817550000
9Rate the effectiveness of the curriculum to face Competitive Exams76741717553311
10Rate the opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship87841010441100
11Rate the freedom to modify, suggest and incorporate new topics in the curriculum79771414662211
12Rate the freedom to adopt new techniques and strategies in teaching918899220000